Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Where will vendors park? Parking lots of Silver Spur and Town Bank. Patchworks parking lot is public parking only.

2.     Staffing of Event? The committee – 2 or 3 members - and volunteers will be staffing the event. 

3.     Disposal of Garbage? Vendors will take their garbage with them for disposal. The Committee will place temporary trash receptacles around the designative event area. O’Donoghue’s Irish Pub has granted approval to use their dumpster if necessary. Sponsors and volunteers working at the event are responsible for clean-up.

4.     Will there be live music, and where? There are plans for live music on a regular basis. Band will be located on the southwest corner (in front of Ray’s Auto).

5.     Proceeds from Market Night? After expenses and reserve for future markets, a donation shall be given to the Elm Grove Community Foundation.